One great way to beat the high cost of satellite and cable is discovering the top 10 best Internet TV software packages for PC and Mac. Why is this technology worth looking into? Because you can watch what you want, when and when you want, from any location, in or out of the home for a small one-time fee or very low monthly subscription.

Watch the video below for a quick overview on what the benefits are when using one of the best online TV software players to watch favorite TV shows, movies, sports, news and other free content...

If you watched the video already, know that the Internet TV software in the video is no longer available. It was used only to provide basic information that applies to most TV software for PC and Mac packages.

Along with the software comes a lifetime membership with free on-going software upgrades, tech support and channel updates. There's software package that comes with monthly fee for more entertainment and more premium channels to watch including live sports and movie trailers.

Check out the top 10 best Internet TV software for PC and Mac by clicking the YouTube label on the video to visit the actual video page, then click the URL link you see below the video.

Satellite TV software reviews by bona-fide tester and user brings real facts and insider's view of what some claim these products/services are all TV on PC/Mac/Mobile software scams. Reviewer specifically takes a look at the most popular 3rd party TV software package and reveals quite a surprise.

For those who are familiar or unfamiliar with this top Satellite TV software that comes with a service package to watch television online via computer or mobile device, here comes one product reviewer and tester who provides more information and facts, including pros and cons.

Satellite TV for PC Elite 2012 - 2013 Review

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Here's a short video overview of one Satellite TV software and service package that helps individuals create their own Web TV on PC system to watch movies, TV shows, sports, new, and so much more...

As you can see in the video, this software streamlines everything when setting up a Windows computer to watch Internet TV. The software also delivers radio, videos and music. The free content comes from over 100 countries with free channels in many different languages.

Here's a fast, easy and low cost TV solution that anyone with a computer can appreciate. This introductory review of Satellite Direct, a powerful software that delivers over 3,500 live and on-demand channels, will bring more entertainment than cable and satellite combine. This is the #1 software of its kind and offers a semi-free demo download, 5-day trial and lifetime membership.